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a message from the founder of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals- Amos Lavian

al-portrait.jpgI often hear women skeptically talk about their current skin care assortment- complaining about exaggerated claims and even more so exaggerated prices.  Promises not kept, sensitivity to harsh ingredients and just an overall run around of dissatisfaction that they are experiencing. We’ve listened and responded with our treatment range: Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Dermelect does not claim to be “Better than Botox?” nor does it claim to give you the same results as a medical invasive procedure using a needle or scalpel.  Let’s be real.  What Dermelect does provide is a professional treatment that in a relatively short period of time will give you results- not fluff.  We do not exaggerate about benefits nor do we make outrageous claims.  We give you an honest approach to skincare with cutting edge ingredients, excellent delivery systems and innovative treatments that focus on targeted solutions of key areas of concern.  We empower you with the tools to be more confident in your appearance and to elevate your self-esteem. Minimal Time, Maximum Results!

Dermelect is the first cosmeceutical line jointly formulated by medical professionals and licensed estheticians. 
newproduct1.gifThis is not your typical doctors range.  The range was developed with the guidance of the Dermelect Board of Advisors- professionals from all aspects of skin care contributing their knowledge and career experiences for you.  They consist of a facial plastic surgeon, dermatologists, estheticians, celebrity skin care specialists, a bridal skin care specialist and a top hand model. We even enlisted a top asthma specialist to help us formulate our treatments because you know that the top concern women have is ‘sensitive skin’. We incorporated all of this expertise into a tremendous, universal range that is both cutting-edge yet understandable, effective yet luxurious- that is Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.

We do not break up our clients into categories: oily, dry, sensitive etc. Dermelect treatments are universal- meaning almost everyone who experiences it will be pleased with the results. We formulate with ingredients that make sense and work cohesively together in the treatment to provide you with obtainable results.  Also, many of our treatments are multifunctional, providing you with more than one solution, saving both time and money.

Discover Dermelect and I guarantee that the skepticism you have from your previous unfulfilling treatments will be replaced with that WOW factor of finding something amazing that actually does what it claims and  works for you! And when it does, please talk it up- tell your girlfriends, daughters and mothers about Dermelect- help us spread the word!

All the best!

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