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Discover Dermelect

Real results achieved, not empty promises.

“The self-imposed high standards at our family-owned beauty company are exemplified by the performance of our formulations.”

“I often hear women skeptically talk about their current skin care assortment- complaining about exaggerated claims and even more so exaggerated prices. Promises not kept, sensitivity to harsh ingredients and just an overall run around of dissatisfaction that they are experiencing. We’ve listened and responded with our treatment range: Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.


Dermelect does not claim to be “Better than Botox?” nor does it claim to give you the same results as a medical invasive procedure using a needle or scalpel. Let’s be real. What Dermelect does provide is a professional treatment that in a relatively short period of time will give you results- not fluff. We do not exaggerate about benefits nor do we make outrageous claims. We give you an honest approach to skincare with cutting edge ingredients, excellent delivery systems and innovative, luxurious treatments that focus on targeted solutions of key areas of concern. We empower you with the tools to be more confident in your appearance and to elevate your self-esteem.















Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is a forerunner of targeted treatments to provide real solutions for the woman experiencing changes in her appearance. The self-imposed standards at the family-owned company are exemplified by the high standards that they set for their products. The range focuses on key multi-tasking skincare categories as well as the introduction to the beauty industry of the 1st peptide-infused, anti-aging nail treatments. Backed by a professional board of advisors and formulated with the most effective and sought out ingredients, Dermelect provides a refreshingly realistic beauty philosophy of simplified yet effective universal treatments.