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Hyaluronic Must-Haves ($170.00 Value)

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Exude confidence and timelessness with this hydrating set. The common component in all three products is Hyaluronic Acid, which retains it's weight in water, making it ideal to replenish your dehydrated face, hands and eyes. 

CONFIDENCE Injection Crease Concentrate
An anhydrous (no water) crease reducing formula is activated and expands when in contact with skin’s natural moisture resulting in a smoother appearance.

CELLULAR Redefining Face Serum
Super moisturizing serum corrects skin's moisture balance, absorbency and tone.

A hydrating eye gel that will visibly decrease the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. Tip: Keep the jar in the refrigerator- the cold will give an added cooling effect as it conforms to the gel.  

And don't forget about your hands...TIMELESS Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment
A luxurious, grease-free formula that will immerse your hands in a silken glove of moisture that locks in without leaving behind a greasy film or residue.

*All claims are based on tests performed on ingredient(s)