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Romantic Renaissance Collection



Uniting hues with a sense of revival, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ new Spring/Summer 2017 ‘ME’ Romantic Renaissance Collection spotlights the rejuvenation that’s synonymous with spring through a dreamy palette showcasing soft, blossoming shades brought to life by unexpected pops of color. 

Unveiling six newly cultivated and distinguishable shades, the collection is both invigorating and unforgettable. In an effort to inspire a rediscovered appreciation for both life and love this spring, Dermelect’s new collection emphasizes classic tones with a modern twist. Utilizing the brand’s signature keratin protein peptide to create a long-lasting, healthy manicure, each of the shades work to strengthen nails and improve the overall quality of the nail bed.

The alluring formulas were blended by Celebrity Nail Tech and Dermelect Color Curator Elle, who is inspired by the essence of pairing spring renewal and optimism with Renaissance era themes.

“We’ve created a palette of colors that are a departure from your traditional reds, greens and blues, to evoke a romantic illustration of revival,” said Elle. “The Renaissance is all about a resurgence of the arts–we drew inspiration from that theme and created a new-aged renaissance with a modern-love vibe to celebrate it. Dermelect wants all who wear these shades to feel reinvigorated for spring.”

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