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TIMELESS Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment (4 oz.)

Technological breakthrough restores the youthful appearance
to your hands.

  • Combats dryness
  • Locks in moisture
  • Plumps the thin skin on the back of the hands
  • Lightens dark spots
4.0 fl. oz.
# 1055
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Product Description

A true anti-aging hand treatment that addresses three key areas of concern:
  • overworked, dry hands
  • age spots
  • thin, chapped, crepe skin

The hands are a prime age revealer- second only to the face.  They are frequently exposed to the elements- sun, wind, and dry weather- as well constantly immersed in water, soaps and harsh chemicals. Unlock the true potential for your hands to reverse the visible signs of aging- dry, worn-thin, chapped skin- especially age spots. Dermelect Timeless Daily Hand Treatment works to restore the youthful appearance to your hands with a combination of the most innovative and therapeutic ingredients available. Discover this true, anti-aging hand cream that utilizes protein-peptide to provide unprecedented conditioning and hydrating capabilities to strengthen the skin while locking in moisture. Similar to multi-peptide technology for the treatment of aging skin, the breakthrough peptide  provides unprecedented conditioning and hydrating capabilities. Furthermore, its antioxidant behavior allows it to actively remove harmful free radicals most commonly associated with skin damage. Also formulated with Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating), Emblica (lightening), Papaya (natural exfoliation), GABA and Collagen (plumping) to address thin skin, age spots and wrinkled skin on the hands. The luxurious formulation will immerse you in a grease-free, quick absorbing, silken glove of moisture to dry, overworked hands. Softens and soothes as it improves skin tone and resiliencey. Put it on and immediately feel the difference. Slow the hands of time as you can expect long-lasting beauty to be restored to the appearance of your hands.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE TECHNOLOGY: New Zealand wool protein biotechnology is the breakthrough ingredient in a new generation of nail and hand care products launched by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.  Keratin, the main protein in fingernails and skin, diminishes as we age and expose our nails to everyday wear and tear.  The peptide ingredient is extracted from wool in a gentle yet powerful process keeping the protein intact maintaining its potency without damaging the amino acids that make it up. The integrity of the extracted peptide (keratin protein) is in a near-perfect state yielding unprecedented age-defying, strengthening and softening properties for the nails and hands. This high molecular weight protein fraction is also used for a myriad of non-cosmetic applications, including bone grafts, fixation devices, wound dressings, adhesives, and fibers.

  • dbp, formaldehyde & toluene FREE
  • Cruelty FREE - No Animal Testing, Ever!
  • Hydroquinone FREE
  • Paraben FREE 

Apply liberally and massage unto hands and cuticles as desired, especially after washing hands.


Keratin Protein Peptide - a purified protein faction isolated from pure New Zealand wool.  This hydrolyzed keratin is capable of moisturizing the skin and strengthening the nails.  Made using a proprietary process which leaves the natural cystine content of the keratin in an active form. It is the high proportion of these groups that enable ProSina to cross link with the keratin in nails resulting in the integrity and cohesion of the nail plate. Furthermore, this functionality has anti-oxidant behavior which allows it to actively remove harmful radicals.

  • maintains integrity/cohesion of nails
  • improves the condition of damaged skin/nails
  • protects skin/nails from damage associated with exposure to solvent
  • improves the hydration of dry skin/nails
  • improves the elasticity of dry skin/nails

Hyaluronic AcidOccurs naturally in cells, plumping the skin by holding water, up to 1,000 times its weight in natural moisture. A lightweight texture, with super hydrating properties. Topically, it can immediately improve the look of crows feet, wrinkles and fine lines.

Emblicaextracted from the Phyllanthus Emblica fruit; Brightens the skin naturally and safely by scavenging free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and inhibiting metalloprotease activity. A skin lightening agent shown to also soften age signs, deep wrinkles, and lines as much as 68-90% in independent tests.

Papaya Enzymeexcellent exfoliating properties gently remove dead-skin cells.

GABAworks to further soften and relax muscles preventing premature aging.

CollagenThe main supporting fiber located within the dermis, gives strength and provides structure to the skin. Topical collagen is able to moisturize and hydrate by holding many times its own weight in water. Collagen is a natural substance within body tissues. It is a protein that serves as the support structure for the skin and all other connective tissues. In human skin, collagen fibers comprise more than 70% of the dry weight of the dermis. As we age, our own soluble collagen becomes less flexible and our skin's connective tissue loses its ability to retain moisture naturally.


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