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VACIAL Spider Vein Treatment

Dual function treatments targets both unattractive red threads and veins found on the face as well as spider veins on the legs.

  • Reduces the appearance of spider veins and broken capillaries.
  • Decreases redness with Phytotonine.
  • Grape Seed Extract provides antioxidant benefits.
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Product Description

Originally developed to address unattractive, visible spider veins and red threads found on the legs, Dermelect Vacial™ Spider Vein Treatment has proven equally effectively for use on broken capillaries found on the cheeks and around the nose. Strong enough for the legs yet gentle enough for the sensitive skin of the face, dilated capillaries and spider veins can now be targeted with this multifunctional treatment that safely utilizes the highest concentration of active ingredients available. Vacial combines hydroglycolic extracts, anti-oxidants and a powerhouse of healing nutrients to help support the skin structure, increase circulation and restore moisture levels. Key ingredients include Grape Seed Extract, Horse Chestnut and Phytotonine (Vitamin K) which contains extracts of Arnica, Cypress and Solomon’s Seal, all essential for microcirculation and the strengthening of vein walls. With continued use skin will feel reinforced and significantly appear less evident of visible veins or broken capillaries.

Initially conduct a patch test, especially before applying to the face. Apply a liberal amount to the area affected and gently massage and smooth in until absorbed. For the best results use after warm shower or bath to ensure open pores.



Phytotonine - (Vitamin K) - is composed of concentrated hydroglycolic extracts of Arnica, Cypress and Solomon's Seal. The virtues of these plants, rich in flavonoids, saponosides and procyanidols, are close to the activity of vitamin P, important for the microcirculation and strengthening of vein walls. A scientific investigation showed that the application of Phytononine for 3 weeks showed a 24% decrease in the redness of the affected area and a 25% reduction of extravascular blood flow, helping to improve the appearance of redness and broken capillaries.

Horse Chestnut - helps to increase blood flow, strengthen connective tissue, and decrease redness. One of its compounds, Aescin, has been found to close the small pores in the walls of the veins, making them less permeable thus strengthening the vein walls and reducing leakage of fluid into the surrounding tissues.

Hyaluronic Acid - Occurs naturally in cells, plumping the skin by holding water, up to 1,000 times its weight in natural moisture. A lightweight texture, with super hydrating properties. Topically, it can immediately improve the look of crows feet, wrinkles and fine lines.

Jojoba Seed Extract 

Emu Oil - proven all-natural anti-inflammatory, skin cell nutrient, emollient, anti-wrinkle, and skin softening product.

Willow Leaf Extract - used to cleanse pores and exfoliate skin gently, yet effectively.

Shea Butter - Gives skin a soft and silky texture with an exceptional moisturizer that has powerful anti-oxidant action helps nourish, soothe and trap valuable moisture in the skin for that lovely glowing complexion.

Allantoin - moisturizing and keratolytic, meaning that it causes keratin in the skin to soften. This property helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively, making it useful for dry skin and for healing wounds, burns, scarsand similar skin irritations.

Aloe Leaf Juice 

Sunflower Seed Oil 

Grape Seed Extract - potent anti-oxidant with wound healing properties


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