Ageless Facial Set

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The aging process is individual with countless different factors that contribute to it. Although we can’t control getting older, we can take charge of our lifestyle and how we take care of our skin. Ageless Facial Set provides you with our answer to changing skin – a targeted regime that will keep time at bay for the two biggest revealers of age – the face and hands.


Get Lifted Instant Face Lift (1.0 oz.)

Formulated with tried & true egg & honey, this treatment will supercharge your skin leaving it revitalized and hydrated. Ideal to help the look of sagging, dehydrated skin.


Empower MP6 Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (1.0 oz.)

Incorporated with six active multi-peptides this face cream will take your skin from dry and dull to velvety soft and glowing.


Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment (0.5 oz.)

Around the lip treatment that addresses all visible factors that represent upper lip aging: vertical lip lines and shadowy discoloration. This treatment will:

• Instantly softens vertical lip lines and frown lines 

• Lightens and brightens the shadowy, below-the-nose pigmentation

• Delivers multi-peptides to the skin to help prevent the appearance of premature aging


To use: Apply a thin layer of Get Lifted Instant Face Lift to a freshly cleansed face. Next, lock in the Get Lifted Instant Face Lift with Empower MP6 Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. After, apply the Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment to the upper lip and around the contours of the lips liberally.


Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment (4.0 oz.)

The 2018 NewBeauty Awards winner for “Best Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream”, this luxurious, grease-free formula will immerse your hands in a silken glove of moisture that locks in moisture, even for frequent hand washers. This 3-in-1 formula also addresses the appearance of thin skin, and age spots on the back of the hands.


To use: Apply liberally and massage unto hands and cuticles as desired.

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