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All About Eyes Collection ($109 Value)

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Bright eyes and beautifully groomed eyebrows are key to looking more youthful. Dermelect Eyes Kit is a comprehensive eye treatment that targets all the concerns that plague the eye area. Achieve fuller, more natural brows, and transform tired eyes to reveal a brighter, wide, more symmetrical look. Featuring our three newest items:


Revitalite Eyelid + Dark Circle Corrector – Professional Strength  (0.5 fl. oz.)

This 5-in-1 advance eye treatment will:

  1. Reduce & soothe the look of puffy eye bags
  2. Lighten the appearance of dark circles
  3. Tightening effect on the appearance of droopy eyelids
  4. Cleverly conceal any damage utilizing universal light diffusing pigments
  5. Aids in depuffing and soothing the delicate area around the eye

To use: Apply twice daily directly over eye area, including under eye, eyelid, brow bone and side eye area.


Revitalite Brow Transformer  (0.35 g / 0.012 oz)

A two-sided eyebrow pencil that will seamlessly outline and fill in your eyebrows. The triangular tip draws the tiniest lines to easily mimic brow hairs, and the spooley brush is created to effortless blend color to a natural finish. Formulated protein-peptide to help the look of healthy, strong brows.

To use: Establish the 3 Points of your brow!
Step 1: Mark the ‘Start’ point of your brow by lining up vertically the Brow Transformer tip with the outer edge of your nose. 
Step 2: Identify the ‘Arch’ point of your brow by lining up the Brow Transformer tip to the outside corner of your iris to where it meets the brow.
Step 3: Find your ‘End’ point by lining up on angle the Brow Transformer tip from the corner edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.


Revitalite Brow Lift  (2.8 g / 0.098 oz)

A professional, two-step defining and highlighting pencil that perfectly accentuates arches to make eyes pop and give the brow area an instant ‘lifted’ look. Micronized pigments perfectly conceal and blur wrinkles and fine lines to instantly illuminate and achieve a youthful, eye-opening look. 

To use the Revitalite Brow Lift: