What is Clean Beauty?

One of the biggest movements in cosmetics and skincare is clean beauty- products free of harmful or toxic ingredients. The tricky part for today’s beauty client comes when trying to decip …

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Winter Ready Hands

Prep for dry skin season with these mani must-haves. As soon as temperatures drop, our skin is the first to feel the effects. And while we often focus our attention on the face, the …

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Ingredient Spotlight: Glycolic Acid

Achieve that all-natural glow! Alpha hydroxy acids are found in many skincare products thanks to their rejuvenating effects— and one of the superstars among the group is glycolic ac …

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Indie Beauty Spotlight: Dermelect

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals was founded 15 years ago and today offers solution based treatments with a self-care bent for an ingredient-focused, yet luxurious positioning. The brand includes …

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Break Your Bad Habits

We live in a fast-paced world that produces a seemingly never-ending barrage of stress. From work and family obligations to disheartening news stories to living amid a worldwide pandemic, …

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Nail Tutorial: Snake Skin

Featuring Dermelect ‘ME’ Moon Kissed & ‘ME’ Magmatized. Step 1Apply base coat on all 10 nails. Apply ‘ME’ Moon Kissed polish on all 10 nails. Allow to dry. Step 2App …

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