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Manicure Hydrating 5-Piece Kit ($90.00 Value)

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Have dry, brittle or cracked nails, and don't have time to get a manicure? Take it with you! Pack your LBB (Little Black Bag) besides your LBD for a professional manicure set on-the-go for healthy hands and nails. 

1. CLEANSE: IMMACULATE Nail Cleanse Prep
The gentle, non-drying cleanser primes the nails by eliminating oils and invisible impurities while creating a perfect pH balance for the top of the nail.

2. BASE COAT: LAUNCHPAD Nail Strengthener
The first anti-aging base coat to deliver natural protein peptides to the nails, working to restore strength and flexibility. Helps resist yellowing and extends the life of the manicure.

3. TOP COAT: MEMENTO Manicure Extender
Memento is the must-have nail treatment that protects your manicure from chipping for up to 9 days.

4. REPLENISH: REVITAL-OIL Nail & Cuticle Treatment
On top is the protein peptide treatment that strengthens nails while below that lies a cuticle oil complex that features a  nourishing mix of ultra-hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

5. REJUVENATE: REJUVENAIL Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment (0.5 oz)
Restore damaged nails to their natural strength with the first cuticle treatment to utilize multi-peptides and essential nutrients to treat weak nails and ragged cuticles.

BONUS! Dermelect Black Manicure Bag

5 FREE: DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin & Formaldehyde FREE!

*All claims are based on tests performed on ingredient(s)