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Yahoo Beauty would like to introduce you to the New-New, a column by Beauty Director Dana Oliver on the newest products, tools, and treatments that she’d happily spend her hard-earned money on.

Oil, serum, cream … my normal-to-oily skin will soak up just about any type of hydrator I slather onto my face. However, finding a product that keeps my complexion supple and radiant throughout the day has been a lifelong struggle. But I think I’ve discovered my holy-grail moisturizer, at least for the wintertime.

Dermelect Rapid Repair Facial Moisturizer is unlike anything else I’ve tried before. For starters, the cream is azure blue. While that initially shocked me, I quickly grew to appreciate the unlikely color because it motivated me to make sure that I had massaged every bit of it into my face and neck. I’m happy to report that the nongreasy formula blended in well and didn’t leave behind a garish tint on my deep complexion.

Besides the cool hue, this moisturizer is loaded with calming ingredients like chamomile, avocado oil, and azulene (a dark blue extract from chamomile that actually lends its coloring to the product). It’s also packed with collagen (plump me up, yes!) and grape seed oil (a great defense against harsh sun rays, chilling winds, and toxic air pollutants).

I’ve been using the moisturizer for the past two weeks and loving the way it has made my skin feel and look, and the real test came on New Year’s Day. I spent the final hours of 2016 at a house party where there was absolutely no shortage of salty snacks and sugary cocktails. Not to mention, I downed champagne straight from the bottle. (Hey, last year was rough!)

The effects of my celebratory evening became brutally real when I woke up on Jan. 1 to a puffy and dehydrated complexion. Once I was able to make my way to the bathroom and cleanse my face, I applied a nickel-size amount of the moisturizer and looked “normal” again. Dry patches on my T-zone? Nonexistent. Swelling along my upper cheekbones? Nope. Dull, blotchy spots? Nada.

No need to mix up a hydrating concoction to get the ideal moisturizer for my skincare needs because everything I need (besides SPF) is right inside this bright blue bottle.