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Cellulite:  How Do We Deal With It?

Cellulite: How Do We Deal With It?

Don’t let the photoshopped images you see in magazines and all across social media fool you. Cellulite is much more common than you may think. Even the celebrities that are most often praised for their beauty (think Kim Kardashian West and Scarlett Johansson) have cellulite, too. And it doesn’t discriminate! People of all shapes, sizes, and weights experience it.

While cellulite is perfectly normal (and you should happily embrace it!), there are comprehensive solutions to target cellulite if you are looking to reduce its appearance. We sat down Colour Collective founder and beauty industry insider Kerry Yates to discuss what exactly cellulite is, what it’s caused by, and how to treat it.

What is cellulite?

Yates says, “Cellulite is expanded fat that pushes against our skin’s layers and connective tissues, thus causing a rippling effect. Most of us will experience some form of cellulite during our lifetime.” While there is no pinpoint reason why cellulite occurs, many professionals speculate it to be hereditary, weight, or age-related. Yates says, “The expanding waistline coupled with the decreased skin elasticity creates the appearance of cellulite.” While there’s no permanent solution for completely ridding yourself of cellulite, there are ways to combat it.

Consider your lifestyle

We’ve all heard the adage “you are what you eat.” According to Yates, limiting carbs can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Furthermore, opting for fiber-rich foods, like dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli are wonderful vegetable choices to incorporate into your daily intake. Yates also recommends eating nutrient-rich foods with your hormones in mind. “Hormonal changes, such as menopause, can negatively impact the elasticity of our skin.” Consider healthy fats, like avocado and flax seeds, as well as foods that contain phytoestrogen (grapes, black tea, and plums), which can support balancing estrogen levels. Yates says, “Keeping your hormones balanced can help with your overall appearance.” Finally, regular exercise, whether it be light walking or high-intensity cardio, can also help the appearance of cellulite by building muscle and providing tone to the skin.


Try a Medspa for treatment

Massages aren’t just for relaxation. They actually can have great benefits if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Yates says, “Massages improve circulation, which can plump up the skin.” But according to Yates, it’s not a cure-all for cellulite. If you’d like to go the more invasive route with laser treatment, bear in mind that they can be quite costly. Yates notes that CoolSculpting is her favorite form of laser therapy. She says, “It helps to eliminate fat while the laser therapy focuses on thickening the skin, which diminishes the dimpling effect of cellulite.” As always, it is best to consult a physician on which treatments are suitable for you.

Create your daily routine


Tighten and firm the skin while nourishing and hydrating with Dermelect Lipo Conquer Body Toning Cream that targets the appearance of sagging arms, love handles, thighs, stretch marks and cellulite..

For at-home daily cellulite treatment, Yates says, “The best way to topically attack cellulite is to choose creams and lotions that focus on improving skin elasticity.” That’s why Dermelect’s Lipo Conquer Body Toning Cream is a go-to for targeting not only cellulite, but sagging/loose skin, stretch marks, loss of firmness/elasticity and love handles. Yates says, “The Caffeine found in the formulation is reported to dehydrate moisture retention, which then may cause the area to temporarily tighten, which gives the appearance of less dimpling. It also contains Retinol, which is known to improve collagen production, regionally, while working to improve skin elasticity. Finally, Gingko Biloba, a powerful antioxidant, works on improving skin’s overall appearance.” Treating your skin topically will also enhance and prolong the effects of an invasive treatment, according to Yates.

Have you experienced cellulite before? How do you treat it? Let us know in the comments below!

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