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Making the Most of an In-Office Treatment

Making the Most of an In-Office Treatment

The perfect complements to an invasive procedure.

For thousands of years, scientists has been on the search for the proverbial fountain of youth. Amazingly with today’s technology, we’re the closest we’ve ever been to reaching that promise of extended youthfulness. Particularly when it comes to the field of medical esthetics, invasive treatments such as Botox and other fillers may decrease the fine lines and wrinkles that make us look older and tired. Benefits of these in-office treatments include not only the appearance of smoother skin, but the prevention of new lines from forming thanks to temporarily freezing the muscles in the face. The lack of use of these muscles means that fewer wrinkles will form over time, so effects are not only immediate, but preventative.

However, there are some cons to these popular procedures. For one, you have to see a medical professional to get it done. It’s also temporary, which means that after three to six months, you’re back at the office—and with the cost of Botox starting upwards of $300 each, it can quickly become expensive. But all is not lost! As the medical community continues to up the anti-aging ante, so too are beauty companies, as they search and develop new and powerfully effective treatments that can produce similar effects at home.

While it’s true that there isn’t yet an at-home product that exactly mimics the effects of Botox, there are good alternatives to invasive, in-office treatments. When used regularly, they can fend off the signs of aging, and if used in conjunction with Botox, they can extend the positive effects of the in-office treatment. Dermelect Confidence Crease Concentrate is one of those products. An anhydrous treatment— which means there’s no water in it acting as filler, only active ingredients—this silky formula uses hyaluronic filling spheres to impart long-lasting hydration and a plumping effect to decrease the appearance of facial creases, deep lines and wrinkles. The greaseless serum is free of sulfates, synthetics and parabens, and doubles as a fantastic smoothing primer before makeup application.

Another powerful ageless treatment is Empower Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Luxurious and lightweight, this supercharged face cream boasts six multi-peptides, amino acids, retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramides that work cohesively to improve skin’s elasticity, restore suppleness and provide a youthful glow.

For those who aren’t ready for a medical procedure like Botox or prefer to avoid injectables altogether, when used regularly, these products can produce similar effects safely and without side effects. And, of course, if used in tandem with in-office treatments, they can bring you closer to that fountain of youth we all seem to be searching for.

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