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Sandal Season Is Here: 4 Insider Tips To Keep Your Summer Pedicure Long-Lasting

Sandal Season Is Here: 4 Insider Tips To Keep Your Summer Pedicure Long-Lasting

It’s official: summer’s finally here… which means we’re very happily trading in our close-toed booties and breaking out our favorite sandals. With outdoor activities and beach getaways at the helm of this season’s itinerary, we’re all about sporting a polished pedicure that’s both long-lasting and summer-proofed. That’s why we’ve tapped into celebrity manicurist, Geraldine Holford, for her insider secrets on how to keep your pedis lasting all summer long!

The nail expert to A-list stars, like Scarlett Johansson, recommends wearing shoes that allow your feet to “breathe” as much as possible, like sandals and flip flops. Otherwise, you might notice your feet feeling uncomfortably stifled with close-toed alternatives. Just remember that exposed shoes can make your feet susceptible to signs of physical wear and tear, but if you follow her four expert hacks, your feet will be summer ready in no time!

Celebrate the beginning of the season with an at-home foot care routine

Holford recommends a thorough foot-pampering session at the start of every summer. She says, “After that, it’s all maintenance from there.” On dry feet, Holford suggests removing any calluses on the skin with a foot file, which is great for keeping your heels smooth and soft. Next, try exfoliating your feet with a scrub and following it up with a foot mask to thoroughly prep your feet for the months to come.

Practice healthy foot hygiene

It may seem like a no-brainer to clean your feet, but Holford takes it a step further and strongly advises to cleanse feet daily to ensure longevity in your next pedicure. She relies on a myriad of solutions that can be done from the comfort of your own home, including natural essential oils and Epsom salt soaks that can be used to thoroughly detox feet, without leaving them feeling stripped. Noteworthy oils include geranium, peppermint and tea tree oil, which have cooling and detoxing effects, according to Holford. But if you don’t have the time to do a proper foot soak, try her expert busy gal hack: baby wipes. When it comes to quickly freshening up feet throughout the day, Holford says, “Baby wipes are a handbag essential for every girl-on-the-go!”

Condition your feet, nails and cuticles

Don’t just give your face and body all of the love. Holford says, “One of the best things you can do to get your feet in summer-ready shape is to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. Cuticle oil is going to do so much to extend the life of your pedicure.” In the summertime, your feet may become susceptible to physical signs of wear and tear, according to Holford. “Discoloration and dullness are common signs to look for. If you’re at the beach, your feet can also become drier due to salt water exposure, so it’s important to keep them regularly moisturized.”

The Power of 2! Part essential oil and part Keratin solution, Dermelect Revital-oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment is specifically formulated to support moisture-needed nail beds and help restore ragged cuticles.

Formulated with a luxurious and nourishing blend of plant-based oils and keratin protein peptides, our fortifying Revital-Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment is the perfect ultra-hydrating solution for feet (and hands). And don’t forget to double up with a deeply moisturizing lotion on clean feet with our Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment. Not only does it effectively condition skin with ingredients like Argan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, but it treats summer ailments, like uneven texture and dullness, that could negatively affect the appearance of your summer pedicure.

Dermelect Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment is an action-packed tube of foot-soothing luxury makes skin visibly soft and silky after the first application.

Add another top coat to refresh your polished nails

It’s not always accessible or practical to head to the nail salon for a touch-up ­––especially if you’re on vacation. For this reason, Holford recommends investing in a quality treatment-based top coat for at-home maintenance. “I would suggest applying a top coat layer to your toes every two to three days. It’ll help refresh your nail look and extend the wear of your pedicure,” Holford says. She recommends our Expedite Protect & Prolong Top Coat, which creates a voluminous layer of "wet look" shine over bare or polished nails. Potent enough to treat damage from gels or acrylics, our top coat protects nails from any forms of breakage and discoloration.

So there you have it- four surefire tips and tricks to achieve your best summer pedicure. How do you keep your pedi long-lasting during the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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