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The Dermelect Nail Polish You Have To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Dermelect Nail Polish You Have To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Color is personal. Choosing the perfect nail shade can be a struggle with so many incredible options at your disposal. Take it from our team at Dermelect -- we have practically every gorgeous hue under the sun to pick from! But just like color can be unique to you, so is your zodiac sign. Knowing your sign can help you decode a lot about who you are and how you view the world, so we decided to take a dive into astrology to assist you in nailing the perfect shade. Whether you’re itching to try something new at your next at-home or nail salon mani/pedi, or you simply love way too many colors to make a decision, let the cosmos and stars pick your nails’ fate (we promise it’ll be a good one!).


Practical and undoubtedly ambitious, most of our Capricorn boss babes are busy shuttling from one business meeting to the next — and doing it in style. A brilliant power red, like ‘ME’ Red-iculous, is just the right hue of red to display their powerful go-getter attitude and keep them motivated to check off another accomplishment from their goals list!


Unique and never one to disappear into a crowd, Aquarians are brimming with spontaneity and otherworldly ideas. When it comes to her style, she likes marching to the beat of her own drum, which is why a fun neon lime shade, like ‘ME’ Nolita nail lacquer, will suit her rebellious, free-spirited nature.


Usually in tune with their emotions, Pisceans are the imaginative dreamers of the zodiac. Kind-spirited at heart, they are friendly, approachable, and you can likely find them fantasizing about all that could be under a dreamy, light blue sky. That’s why ‘ME’ Above It nail lacquer should be at the top of their list to try this year!


Passionate and bold, like the headstrong ram it is of the zodiac, Aries are no strangers to flirting with a little bit of danger. For this fiery babe, a blazing tangerine shade, like ‘ME’ Head Turner nail lacquer, is an Aries’ ultimate showstopping shade that’s sure to make heads turn, quite literally!


Much like the bull that they represent, Taurans are grounded and strong-willed. Lovers of nature, you’ll find that many are attracted to anything that provides a taste of the great outdoors. For them, a frosted verdant Thrill 'ME' is a wonderful evergreen shade to complement all of Taurans’ upcoming open-air adventures.


Innately curious and always on-the-go, Gemini babes are the outgoing thought leaders of the zodiac. A shimmery peach polish, like ‘ME’ Spotlight, would be the perfect multi-dimensional shade for any Gemini to rock, as they sprint from one event to another, like the social butterflies that they are.


Typically guided by their emotions and intuition, Cancers are loyal, empathetic, and nurturing. Family is extremely important to them and their homes are their safe havens. In fact, you can probably find them hosting an intimate dinner with their loved ones while sporting a soothing lilac shade, like ‘ME’ Tribeca.


Let’s face it: we can all learn a thing or two from the vivacious and confident air that our Leo friends exude. Because when it comes to making a statement, they’ll make sure to say it loudly and proudly. And when it comes to style, they won’t shy away from anything less than bold, which is why ‘ME’ Mellow Drama’s vibrant coral nail lacquer is this fiery sign’s winner shade.


Most Virgo gals are the ones whose homes always appear immaculately spotless from top to bottom. They find comfort in order and don’t like to stray too far away from their normal routines because they know what works for them, which is why a polished ivory, like ‘ME’ Ansonia, is their go-to hue!


Most of our fashionista Libra gals always look put together and on-trend (here’s lookin’ at you, Kim Kardashian West!), so it’s no surprise that their nails usually do, too. Known for their love of aesthetics, you’ll likely find them rocking a coral, like ‘ME’ Explosive that is both chic and in style this year, according to the fashion experts at Who What Wear!


Scorpio gals are no strangers to a touch of drama when it comes to expressing their cool exteriors and style. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, mysterious and intensely passionate Scorpions should opt for a multi-faceted metallic green shade, like ‘ME’ Decadence’, which uniquely leans lighter and darker in different lighting.


This jetsetter sign is bold and fierce — and she’s probably already dreaming of her next getaway! This year, you’ll likely find your Sag friends rocking a crisp cobalt blue, like 'ME' Fearless. After all, it’s reminiscent of the Santorini seas, a destination you'll probably find any wanderlust Sagittarius pinning away for her next foreign escapade.

Which zodiac sign are YOU? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook – and let us know! Share this guide with your friends that love astrology!

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