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Tips For Working From Home and Keeping It Together!

Tips For Working From Home and Keeping It Together!


If you're like most people right now and facing an #WFH (work-from-home) situation- don't worry! We've got founder of Editour Media, Breanna Armstrong to offer her best tips for your time away from the office!

Breanna says to keep the following in mind: 

  • Brushing your hair is optional, brushing your teeth is required. 
  • Makeup and bras are also optional.Yes, there will be some days that you will wear your pj’s from morning til night. (And that’s perfectly ok!)



  • Eat away from your workspace. Give your eyes and mind a break and go into the kitchen or another room to eat.
  • Try to set a schedule. At the end of your workday, reward yourself with a wind-down. Maybe an episode of your fav Netflix show? Maybe walking your dog? Maybe do some online shopping? Something to staple that your workday is over.
  • Try to set up your work area away from your tv. I used to have my office in my kitchen at my old apartment and when I would end the day relaxing on the couch, I would just stare at the desk in my kitchen and would want to write a quick email or do invoices. That ain’t right. Put your work stuff away if you have an apartment; and separate your work area from your spaces used for relaxation.
  • If you get side-tracked and see something that needs cleaned in your house, go for it. These are nice breaks and when I’m in work-mode, it’s when I end up cleaning best. I love feeling productive and handling my home, work and life in the same day.
  • Download Skype. Be the anchor of communication for your team this week! Take the initiative to set a Skype meeting with your colleagues to go over your week, action items, updates and friendly reminder to put a bra on for the Skype call!
  • Go easy on yourself and see this as the blessing it is. You are doing what you did at your office, but you are on your own clock! For me, working from home is where I am most productive. You can trust if I’m at my computer for a day during the week, I’m in beast mode. Everyone’s emails are getting answered!

Good luck our work-from-home-ers! You got this! 

What are you finding is the most helpful during this work-from-home transition? Do you need somewhere to air your frustrations and concerns? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook – we're here to talk and listen!

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