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Skin Care Around the World

From ancient rituals deeply embedded in cultural heritage to cutting-edge innovations reshaping the beauty landscape, the world of skincare has evolved tremendously. The fusion of different cultures and ideas has shaped beauty as we know it today, encouraging innovation, inclusion, and confidence in all people around the globe. Today, we invite you on a journey across continents, exploring the unique beauty practices of multiple cultures. 

In this article, we are going to share what skincare is like in 7 major beauty capitals around the world: Seoul, South Korea, Paris, France, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, London, England, Milan, Italy, Istanbul, Turkey, and Bangkok, Thailand. Join us on this beauty expedition, as we delve into different cultures and skincare practices around the globe. 

Seoul, South Korea 

The skincare practices in Korea have a rich history that transcends time, rooted in influences dating back to ancient China. Over centuries, Korean skincare has evolved into a holistic approach that emphasizes not only the external beauty but also the overall well-being of the skin ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). Specifically, in the past two decades, the Korean skincare and makeup market has grown exponentially, becoming a central hub for all things beauty and a major influence in cosmetics a round the world (Jisoo Pyo)  

The reason for this boom in Korean skincare products is their outstanding effectiveness and attention to detail. Korean skincare products are also very diverse in range and the most innovative on the market. With brands like Cosrx, Innisfree, and Dr. Jart+ coming up with unique, yet effective products all the time, it’s no wonder that many beauty experts call Seoul “The Skincare and Beauty Capitol of the World.”  

Many South Korean brands have fused traditional skin practices with modern technology ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). Korean skincare, highlighting its cultural significance and the continuous quest for skincare excellence has made it a global phenomenon (Jisoo Pyo). 

Paris, France  

Paris stands as an unparalleled hub for professional models, providing an enticing array of opportunities in the dynamic world of fashion. Renowned for its fashion-forward atmosphere, the city of lights serves as an epicenter for high fashion, chic beauty, and effortless style ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD")The allure of Paris extends beyond the runway, offering the prospect of featuring in prestigious print ads and engaging TV commercials.  

However, the city's appeal isn't confined solely to the fashion realm; it's also an influential beauty center. Paris is home to an illustrious lineup of big-name luxury French makeup brands that have earned global acclaim, such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Lancome, and YSL Beauty (Bandyopadhyay) These brands have established their headquarters in this fashion-forward city, providing models with not just a platform for modeling success but also a gateway to collaborations with some of the most iconic names in the beauty industry. 

In Paris, skincare is more than just aesthetics; it’s an art form. Meticulously crafted with timeless elegance, Parisian skincare is a celebration of sophistication. Boutiques and pharmacies around the cobblestone streets of the city carry exquisite French skincare brands, each promising a touch of Parisian allure. Many of these Parisian skincare brands embrace holistic and natural ingredients, promising a healthy and glowy look. As the city of lights illuminates the global beauty stage, Paris is a perfect destination for skincare lovers (Bandyopadhyay). Being of the most coveted melting pots for fashion and beauty, Paris beckons professional models to immerse themselves in a world where style, sophistication, and glamour converge in a true fashion and beauty capital. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

In this dynamic skincare capital, Dubai's beauty and personal care industry has witnessed substantial growth, with total revenues projected in billions of dollars ("UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BEAUTY AND PERSONAL CARE MARKET GROWTH"). Many people around the world visit Dubai specifically for their cosmetic advancements; this phenomenon, beauty tourism, has been critical in the success of Dubai’s skin, beauty, and fashion markets. 

The skincare segment in Dubai reflects the preferences of consumers. With a diverse and unique marketplace, Dubai has a unique and varied consumer landscape. Their buying preferences are shaped by diverse cultural backgrounds. However, there is a shared cultural inclination towards trying new Arabic brands that embody the luxurious Dubai lifestyle. Amongst the Dubai beauty realm, there is a universal focus on cleanliness and aesthetics. This presents an opportunity for skincare brands to cater to the discerning customer who values high-quality packaging and ingredients. Additionally, traditional Arabic fragrances, including oud, musk, sandalwood, and bukhoor, hold particular significance among UAE beauty and skin products, such as perfumes, soaps, and shower gels, showcasing a distinctive aroma profile that aligns with cultural preferences. 

There is also a growing trend towards sustainability and environmental consciousness in Dubai’s skin and beauty brands. Companies like Huda Beauty, Kayali, SHIFFA, Shirley Conlon Organics, and more, are increasingly showing interest in skincare products that are not only of high quality but also align with eco-friendly practices, reflecting the need of consumers around the world for skincare brands to consider sustainable and environmentally friendly formulations and packaging ("UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BEAUTY AND PERSONAL CARE MARKET GROWTH").  

All in all, the skincare market in Dubai is a thriving and diverse landscape driven by high consumer purchasing power, a penchant for luxury, and a growing interest in sustainable products. This growing market is one that global skincare fanatics should keep an eye on! 

London, England 

Like Paris, London is a global fashion and beauty capital by housing the headquarters of some of the world's most illustrious designer labels. Amidst its cobblestone streets and charming alleyways, London is a vibrant and diverse city that influences fashion and cosmetics globally  (Petruzzi).  

The city's allure extends beyond the realms of high fashion to embrace the burgeoning landscape of niche and organic beauty brands. London's cosmopolitan spirit is reflected in its eclectic beauty scene, where unconventional and sustainable brands find a welcoming home  ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). In England, the skincare realm has also experienced a significant surge in beauty sales. With the introduction of innovative products and increasingly sophisticated routines featured in beauty columns, the industry has grown tremendously in Great Britain, ultimately drawing attention from other countries. Thus, over the last two decades, London has catapulted into a global hub for its beauty and skincare industry, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving beauty market (Petruzzi). 

Specifically in London, there are numerous employment opportunities for people interested in the beauty world ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). With companies like Jo Malone, Charlotte Tilbury, Soapsmith, Rimmel, and more, the city is bustling with creativity and commerce, offering a plethora of roles ranging from design studios and fashion houses to the editorial realms of glossy magazines (Petruzzi). In the heart of London's fashion and beauty landscape, professionals will be inspired to embrace British trends, tradition, and innovation. 

Milan, Italy 

Milan is a prominent global hub for all things skincare, beauty, and fashion. Like Paris and London, Milan’s reputation is recognized around the world due to a multitude of factors. Renowned as a thriving center for the cosmetics industry, the city hosts prestigious beauty brands and serves as the venue for major trade shows, positioning itself at the forefront of beauty innovation  ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). Milan Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in beauty and fashion that happens each year, determining trends and styles for months afterwards. 

Milan's influence as a fashion and design hub extends beyond clothing trends, playing a pivotal role in shaping global beauty standards. The city's beauty culture propels Milan to the forefront of the skincare landscape, with the Italian chic, yet natural look becoming one of the most sought-after trends in skincare today.  

Furthermore, like its French and British counterparts, Milan is home to several influential and famous brands, like Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, and more (Curcio). Both Milanese men and women use these brands and approach skincare as an essential component of their daily rituals. Italy's rich history of scientific advancements and dedicated research in skincare further enhances Milan's standing, paving the way for inventive formulations and cutting-edge technologies. From artisanal formulations to innovative technologies, Milanese skincare products encapsulate the city's commitment to excellence (Curcio). There is also a distinguished presence of opulent spas and wellness centers around the city that locals and tourists alike seek for some of the best beauty treatments in the world.  

Amidst the historic architecture and chic boutiques, Milanese skincare rituals intertwine tradition and modernity, emphasizing the importance of self-care and ageless beauty ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). All these factors cement Milan's status as a sought-after destination for beauty and fashion enthusiasts and establish Milan as a global epicenter of skin care and beauty. 

Istanbul, Turkey 

In the bustling city of Istanbul, the skincare market is a dynamic and growing sector poised to reach new heights in 2024 ("Skin Care - Turkey"). One key aspect that distinguishes Istanbul's skincare market is the increasing demand for natural and organic products. The demand for skincare items that embrace chemical-free ingredients has become very prominent in the Turkish market. This trend is indicative of a growing awareness among consumers in Istanbul regarding the benefits of using products that prioritize natural formulations. As a result, skincare brands are catering to this demand for clean and organic options and seeing an increase in customer satisfaction. 

Another interesting aspect of the skincare market in Istanbul is the demand for more non-luxury products. While luxury skincare items hold a space in the market, a considerable share of the consumer base in Istanbul is inclined towards more accessible and everyday skincare solutions ("Skin Care - Turkey").Turkish companies with affordable yet effective products include The Purest Solutions, So Fly Cosmetics, Cosmed, and Luv it! This insight provides valuable guidance for skincare businesses in the Turkish market. 

Istanbul's skincare market presents a promising landscape characterized by substantial revenue projections, a steady growth rate, and a notable shift toward natural and organic products ("Skin Care - Turkey"). Skincare brands can leverage this information to tailor their offerings to the preferences of the Istanbul consumer base, providing products that align with the rising demand for clean, chemical-free formulations. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok has a flourishing beauty sector and organizes a yearly beauty week. The city has an up-and-coming beauty scene that has recently gained recognition for its budget-friendly makeup and skincare brands, many of which have become easily accessible in local drugstores ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). The affordability and availability of these local brands allows more people to partake in the city's vibrant beauty culture.  

Furthermore, Bangkok has a seasoned workforce in beauty treatments and procedures, where adept professionals provide an extensive array of services. Centered on natural ingredients, many of Thailand's beauty brand embrace traditional, holistic perspective. Along similar lines, indigenous beauty brands are prominent in the Thai beauty market. Some of these brands include Karmakamet, Harnn, Divana, and more. 

These Thai indigenous beauty brands stand out prominently and are starting to emerge as influential players on a global scale. Not only do these homegrown brands amplify the essence of Thailand's rich cultural heritage but are also made with contemporary innovations that are unique to the market ("SKINCARE AND BEAUTY CAPITALS OF THE WORLD"). By focusing on natural ingredients, holistic well-being, and Thai traditional practices, these indigenous beauty brands have captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. As these brands continue to make waves beyond national borders, they have contributed significantly to the economic growth of Thailand's beauty industry. 

In the realm of Thai skincare, the country's beauty industry not only reflects its rich cultural heritage but also pioneers a new era of holistic well-being. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil corners of spa retreats, Thai skincare embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary allure. 




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