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Which Dermelect Product Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Dermelect Product Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What sign are you? A question as old as time! Astrology tells us so much about ourselves, so why not look to it for your next Dermelect fav?! Beyond the surface, your zodiac sign reflects the essence of who you are. Discover the connection between your astrological identity and the perfect Dermelect product that complements your unique qualities. Discover a skincare experience that transcends the ordinary – because your beauty is as exceptional as the constellations themselves.  


Aries – CONFIDENCE Crease Concentrate

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, making you fiery and warrior-like. Represented by the Ram, Aries is a force to be reckoned with. For you, your confidence reigns supreme in your personality. Dermelect's CONFIDENCE Crease Concentrate is the perfect pairing for your bold and unstoppable Aries identity. This potent formula complements the Arian essence. It embodies the fearlessness and determination of a true fighter by making you feel like your most confident self. It brings life into the skin through plumping agents that make your skin smooth and firm. CONFIDENCE is also the perfect go-to, impulse product for an on-the-go fighter like yourself. Empower your skin and release your inner warrior with CONFIDENCE Crease Concentrate.   


Taurus - SELF-ESTEEM Beauty Sleep Serum

Taurus is a fixed, Earth sign which means you love your creature comforts, including SLEEP! Like the Bull that represents you, Taurians stand firmly on their ground. They love what they love and we at Dermelect love that for them! Taurus, we want you to indulge yourself when it comes to skincare. That’s why Dermelect's SELF-ESTEEM Beauty Sleep Serum is perfectly harmonized with your comfort-loving and serene Taurus energy. As the zodiac's connoisseurs of relaxation, Taurus adores the finer things in life, and what could be more exquisite than a skincare ritual that complements their love for comfort? This enchanting and luxurious serum is crafted to enhance your beauty while you revel in a restful night's sleep. We know you value your beauty sleep more than anything, Taurus. So, immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of SELF-ESTEEM, as it works its magic during one of the finest things in life – graceful, magnificent sleep.  


Gemini – REVITAL-OIL Nail & Cuticle Treatment  

Gemini, we know you get a bad rep for being two-faced, as you are symbolized by the Twins. But this just means you are versatile, a great multitasker, and adaptable, just like Dermelect's REVITAL-OIL Nail & Cuticle Treatment. REVITAL-OIL is the perfect beauty companion for the intelligent, strategic, and charming Gemini. Just like the multifaceted nature of the Twins, this double-faceted gem is a multitasking marvel designed to enhance the beauty of your nails and cuticles. Known for their adaptability and duality, Geminis will appreciate the transformative power of REVITAL-OIL. For the dynamic Gemini, our revolutionary dual-phase formula introduces a strength-boosting protein peptide at the helm, perfectly complemented by an ultra-moisturizing cuticle oil complex infused with essential oils. Simply give it a shake, apply, and witness the revitalizing magic unfold! Harness your charm and duality with a product as dynamic as you are. Let your hands tell a story of beauty and brilliance with Dermelect's REVITAL-OIL.  


Cancer – REDNESS REHAB Sensitive Skin Soothing Cream

Cancers are very in tune with their surroundings and are very mutable. So, that means Cancers experience a lot of ebbs and flows in their feelings. Like the crab that represents you, Cancers have a slight tendency to be emotional. You could even say Cancers can be a little...crabby! But, hey, who says it’s a bad thing to be sensitive?! To compliment your sweet, gentle, and sometimes moody nature, Cancers should nurture their skin with Dermelect's REDNESS REHAB Sensitive Skin Soothing Cream. This tailored solution is perfect for the sensitive, moody, caring, and graceful Cancer. Cancers exude a unique blend of sensitivity and grace that this soothing cream enhances. The caring touch of REDNESS REHAB works harmoniously to alleviate sensitivity, ensuring your skin reflects the same grace that defines your compassionate Cancer spirit.   


Leo – CLEAVAGE CONTOUR Ultra Lifting Cream

Leos are ferocious and confident like the Lion that symbolizes them. As a Leo, you bask in the radiant glory. Dermelect's CLEAVAGE CONTOUR Ultra Lifting Cream is the perfect beauty indulgence for the radiant and majestic Leo. With an unapologetic love for the spotlight, Leo exudes confidence and pride in every step they take. This ultra-lifting cream is great for any Leo who wants to enhance their natural allure and pride. Let your presence roar with Dermelect's luxurious CLEAVAGE CONTOUR and command attention with a regal glow.  


Virgo – FLAWLESS Bakuchiol Treatment

Known for their unwavering pursuit of perfection, reliability, and practicality, Virgos are virtually flawless when it comes to their drive and work ethic. Dermelect's FLAWLESS Bakuchiol Treatment is Virgo’s gateway into the realm of skin perfection. Represented by the Maiden, the Virgo essence is shaped by their desire to help others and have others help them achieve perfection. FLAWLESS embraces this Bakuchiol Treatment that aligns with the precision and care that defines this Earth sign. As the ultimate perfectionist and Type-A personality, Virgos can trust in the effectiveness of this treatment to refine and rejuvenate their skin. Unveil the beauty of Virgo's meticulous care with FLAWLESS, because, in the world of skincare, perfection meets precision with Dermelect.  


Libra – RAPID REPAIR Barrier Balancing Serum

Seeking equilibrium in all aspects of life, Libras are like the scales that represent them. Fixated on balance and harmony, Libras are known for their love of fun, freedom, and unity. Dermelect's RAPID REPAIR Barrier Balancing Serum harmonizes perfectly with the balanced, fun-loving, and energetic Libra. Crafted to restore balance to your skin's natural barrier, this serum embraces the fast-paced energy that defines the Libra spirit. As RAPID REPAIR works swiftly to enhance your skin's vitality, Libras can now indulge in a serum that aligns perfectly with their dynamic and joyful lifestyle. Let the vibrant energy of Libra shine through in your radiant and balanced skin, courtesy of Dermelect's RAPID REPAIR.  


Scorpio – SMOOTH & SUPPLE Lip Mask Melt

Having a sting like a Scorpion, Scorpios are intense, sultry, and strategic, with a touch aa mystery. Yet, under your dark and edgy exterior, there is a passionate, romantic side to Scorpio to be unveiled. With your enticing allure, Dermelect's SMOOTH & SUPPLE Lip Mask Melt is the perfect passionate elixir for the edgy, calculated, and romantically intense Scorpio. Embodying a dark allure akin to a luscious blackberry, this lip mask melt is designed to ignite Scorpios' passionate nature while providing a touch of excitement. Scorpios, known for their deliberate approach and intense romanticism, can indulge in a lip treatment that mirrors their unique charm. Let the SMOOTH & SUPPLE Lip Mask Melt leave your lips irresistibly smooth and supple. Unlock your Scorpio intensity with a touch of darkness, and let your lips tell a story of passion and allure with SMOOTH & SUPPLE.  


Sagittarius - SAVIOR SKIN All-In-One Repair Balm   

Adventurous, versatile, and fiery, Sagittarians love to explore the world and experience all that there is to offer. Sagittarius is not only everyone’s best friend, but you are also sophisticated, knowledgeable, and lively. Up for a skincare adventure buddy, Sagittarius? Then, look no further than Dermelect's SAVIOR SKIN All-In-One Repair Balm. Not only is this balm crafted to meet the versatile and on-the-go needs of Sagittarians’ dynamic lifestyle, but it is also an all-in-one repair solution, ensuring your skin remains resilient in the face of every adventure. With a fiery spunk that defines Sagittarius, SAVIOR SKIN is your go-to balm for whatever journey you’re on. Whether you are jet-setting around the world or embracing the thrill of new experiences, unleash your Sagittarian energy with Dermelect's SAVIOR SKIN.  


Capricorn – LAUNCHPAD Bonding Nail Strengthener

Like the goat that represents you, Capricorns are strong, reliable, and sincere. Striving to build lasting relationships with those important to you, Capricorns are concrete in their values and appreciate others with their same, solid values. Embrace the strength and reliability of Dermelect's LAUNCHPAD Bonding Nail Strengthener, a perfect match for the robust, dependable, and uniquely steadfast Capricorn. This nail strengthener is crafted to fortify and bond with your nails, ensuring enduring beauty. Capricorns, known for their unique blend of strength and reliability, can now extend these qualities to their nails. LAUNCHPAD becomes the cornerstone of your nail care routine like Capricorns are the cornerstones in their personal relationships. Strengthen not only your nails but also your commitment to enduring beauty and spirit with Dermelect's LAUNCHPAD.  


Aquarius – EXTRACTS 3-in-1 Soy Nail Polish Remover

Oh, Aquarians! You quirky, funky people! Aquarians are some of the most unique, innovative, and clever people you will ever meet. They are always looking to up their game and come up with something new. Don’t worry Aquarius, we took a note from your book and came up with new and inventive products, like Dermelect's EXTRACTS 3-in-1 Soy Nail Polish Remover. This new product perfectly matches the uniquely original and quirky Aquarian personality. Dermelect thrives on innovation like Aquarians, sparking the inspiration for this magical, #FragranceFree nail polish remover. One of the first of its kind, EXTRACTS 3-in-1 Soy Nail Polish Remover is your new go-to solution for effortlessly removing nail polish while promoting fresh, hydrated nail health. Aquarius brings their creativity to every aspect of their lives and so do we at Dermelect. Dive into a nail care routine that aligns perfectly with your inventive spirit with Dermelect's New EXTRACTS.  


Pisces – TIMELESS Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment

It’s okay Pisces, you’re a softie and we know it. As the sign of boundless creativity and profound love, Pisceans find solace in the timeless beauties of our world. Represented by two fish, Pisces are always graceful and balance the line between fantasy and reality. With Dermelect's TIMELESS Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment, Pisces can experience the luxury of this soft, classic, and dependable formula. TIMELESS is a trusted ally for Pisces' nurturing spirit, with a touch of elegance that echoes their classic charm. Enriched with powerhouse ingredients like Protein Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, GABA, Emblica, Papaya Extract, and Collagen, this formula goes beyond the ordinary. No greasy film or residue here – our formula seamlessly integrates into the skin, leaving a velvety, smooth feel. Specifically targeting thin skin, age spots, and sunspots on the back of the hands, TIMELESS fights signs of aging and is tailored for the unique needs of hands. This daily hand treatment embodies the delicate balance of creativity and dependability that Pisces experiences daily, leaving your hands as soft and timeless as the Piscean essence. Elevate your hand care routine with the love and grace that defines Pisces and let Dermelect's TIMELESS be your daily ode to enduring beauty.  


No matter what your unique zodiac essence is, Dermelect has a product for you. From the confident Aries to the compassionate Cancer, the dynamic Gemini to the majestic Leo, and beyond, our curated range lets you experience beauty on an astronomical level. Elevate your self-care routine with Dermelect today and find your inner celestial glow.   

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