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Founders of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

We created Dermelect to solve problems! Dermelect Cosmeceuticals solution based treatments empowers her with intelligent self care solutions that is ingredients focused yet ultra luxurious. Our mission that we adhere to every day is to provide real results for real women that will have 'her' exude an inner confidence coupled with her outer beauty.
Amos & Jodi Amos & Jodi
Jodi is a working mom-of-four and a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. Her passion and knowledge for all things beauty goes into every treatment which she personally tests and does not get approved until it meets her ultra-high standards.
Amos is a beauty industry veteran and ingredient and formulary expert. He has launched over 300 products in his career as well as worked with some of the top chemists from around the globe. He assures that every Dermelect product functions cohesively and effectively.
targeted solutions

Innovative solutions to empower her with results enveloped in total luxury. It does not need to behave like a prescription to provide a solution.
Asian Lady Asian Lady
Our ingredients are sourced worldwide and formulated with the best to cohesively create effective solutions to address the problem. Every product is backed with the knowledge and experience of beauty’s leading professionals.
Old Lady Old Lady
Multi-functional treatments work to save steps, time and money, always providing more than one benefit.
Spanish Lady Spanish Lady
Committed to taking the guesswork out of complicated categories. Luxuriously formulated with a perfectly balanced pH to provide visible results.
The Ladies The Ladies
consciously formulated
a worry-free, formula-first approach marries the best of natural and technological ingredients!

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professional network
With an established network, Dermelect treatments have become staples on commercial and editorial shoots, backstage, celebrities and runway.

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