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The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Beauty

The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Beauty

Whether you’re starting a new job, a long-time employee or have your own business, follow these tips for a professional and polished look at work.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Beauty

Integrating makeup into our daily routine can be daunting, especially when life gets busy off the clock. Getting ready in the morning might seem like torture when we’d rather sleep in, work out, or take care of the family. On the other hand, some of us look forward to creating professional makeup looks for work and can’t wait to get creative with our morning beauty routine. No matter where you are on the beauty spectrum, we have the tips and tricks you need for beautiful office makeup looks.

Do Dress for the Vibe

Whether you work in an office, in retail, or over email, dress for the results that you want to have and the way you want to feel. This advice goes for your beauty routine as well. If you feel comfortable in complete glam and your work is okay with that- glam it up. But if you work in a more conservative environment, such as a law firm or corporate company, you need to dress the part. Striking a balance between knowing your boundaries and projecting your individuality is key to a perfect professional beauty style.

For those that can go full out with trending nails, live out loud in the latest shapes and colors such as pointy tips or this year’s Pantone 2019 Color of the Year “living coral”. If your workplace is more conservative, stick to sheer pinks and creams. Muted colors like pale grays or mauves are also a great option to show more personality while still keeping your look toned down.

Try a multi-color nail polish collection ('ME' Downtown Femme) for a range of shades that provide everything from classic nail polish colors to intriguing shades for a fun and flirtier approach. Not only does this collection have highly pigmented polishes, but each shade contains Dermelect's signature keratin peptide treatment helps to keep nails strong while you’re working hard.

The 'ME' Downtown Femme collection brings together six peptide formulas that works to strengthen nails and extend the longevity of the manicure.

Don’t Do Makeup

If you’re a fan of the no makeup makeup look at work, or want to skip a day, put more of a focus on your skincare routine, hair or accessories to get a more polished look and feel more confident au naturale.

In the morning, use a revitalizing skincare regimen to wake up the skin and prepare it for the day. Start with micellar water to remove nighttime skincare and freshen the skin. Then use a light serum followed by a moisturizer to help create a moisture balance. Finally, throwing on a lightweight SPF and a lip balm, can help you to start the day feeling revived and ready to take on the day. Use the time you save on your beauty routine to focus on cute accessories or a casual-chic hair look.

Do All the Makeup!

If spending more time for your morning glam routine makes you feel great, go for it. For those who would crave a great, five-minute makeup routine, here are the best techniques for maximized glam in minimal time.

For simple makeup for work, do your “musts” first. If you can’t leave the house without fully done eyes, curl your lashes, throw on a smudgy eyeliner look and pack on the mascara. Then, use a tinted moisturizer and brow gel, and a pigmented lip gloss. Apply mascara and call it a day!

If full coverage foundation and a highlight and contour routine makes you feel best, try using cream-based products. Then, lightly-dampen a beauty sponge with rosewater spray so the foundation, concealer and contour products blend seamlessly. Use bronzer to liven-up the skin and add color. Set the makeup at the high points of the face with a light-reflecting powder highlight. Lastly, make sure to focus on brows, mascara and a bold lip.

If you run out of time—pencils down, throw your mascara and lip in your bag and put it on when you get to the parking lot before you step into work looking like a BOSS!

Don’t Be Caught Without…

Unless you work in an outdoor setting, chances are you’re not getting a lot of fresh air during your work day. This can lead to our hair and skin getting dehydrated throughout the day. Dry hands, can lead to dry cuticles which can make some prone to picking during stressful times at work. Dry skin at work can feel tight and uncomfortable while adding to the aging process.

For hands, you should always keep your favorite hand cream nearby to avoid dryness and irritation. For hydrated hands at work, we recommend a grease free hand cream  (TIMELESS Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment) because it leaves skin feeling soft without any residue or film. Peptide-infused technology helps to keep hands looking younger. Powerhouse ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Papaya Extract, and Emblica extract go to town on thin skin and age spots. What’s best is it’s water reactivated- meaning the formula locks into your skin even if you wash your hands constantly. If you’re a nurse, doctor, hairdresser, or artist you know what I mean!

Featuring peptide-infused technology, Timeless works to hydrate dry skin, address the appearance of thin skin and age spots found on the back of the hands.

For your face, revive sluggish-feeling skin by using a natural rosewater spray to help balance skin’s pH levels. Not only will your face feel refreshed but your senses will be awakened as well. Having these things in your desk or bag is another way to help stay feeling fresh during an action-packed work day. It’s also another way to remind yourself that you’ve got this!

How do you put your best face forward at work? Let us know in the comments!

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