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How to Master “No Makeup” Makeup

How to Master “No Makeup” Makeup

The everyday makeup routine I use to get out the door quickly, yet still, put my best face forward.

Mastering a no-makeup makeup look might seem like a challenge, right? Well, actually, using less makeup might be easier for people who don’t have a lot of application skills. Also, no makeup makeup is perfect for those who want to look put together but not overdone at the same time. For others, time is the issue and they just don’t enough of it to dedicate to the steps of creating a full face. One thing is sure though, the key to mastering a no-makeup look is by making radiant-looking skin your focal feature. Here, we discuss a few tips and tricks to master a flawless look in a woke-up-like-this kind of way.

The Prep Step

The best no makeup makeup begins with laying a foundation of the best no makeup makeup products. Starting fresh with a hydrator is the key to helping skin stay nourished and protected from everyday life. If you were only allowed to put on one beauty product a day, I’d recommend a serum. I depend on Dermelect Confidence Crease Concentrate to get my routine started because it‘s supercharged with Hyaluronic acid to capture moisture in my skin. Upon application, it immediately expands into any fine lines and wrinkles that are concerning me to immediately make my complexion smoother and more even. My face appears softer and is primed to kick off my no-makeup makeup off right.

Our Confidence Injection Crease Concentrate works an excellent primer for makeup.



Keep the skincare party going even into your complexion step with Dermelect Redness Rehab Conceal + Correct. The anti-aging color corrector provides light, effortless coverage while treating and reducing the look of redness and calming inflamed skin. It’s great for anyone who has issues with redness, rosacea, or even eczema type skin. The hydrating, lightweight cream sets into a fresh skin finish to reveal a youthful-looking glow.

In the daytime, I use it alone, but at night, I’ll layer it with some of my other complexion products. You can set it with powder if you like, but I love the natural highlight it gives.

Even if you’re using a tinted moisturizer or foundation, you can just take your fingers to quickly spot-treat where you think you need the most coverage. Then, take a dampened beauty sponge (I like to use rose water instead of just water) to blend it out to a sheer finish. What’s best is that it’s buildable, so I can add more where I need it, like under the eyes for those days when I could have used an extra 15 minutes before the alarm went off.

A multi-tasking, anti-aging cream that instantly conceals and camouflages redness and uneven skin tone while soothing and calming irritated skin.


When you’re in a hurry, blush helps to enliven any look, makes you look radiant and like you’ve just come from somewhere exciting. Blush is my go-to no-makeup makeup product. Some people with redness or rosacea issues might think that blush would make their redness more pronounced. The truth is, depending on how severe your redness is, if you are using calming products and neutralizing redness while covering,  you could try to apply some blush.

The trick with anyone’s makeup, not just those with rosacea, is your shade selection and color placement. Use blush colors that are peachier or bronzer and stay away from reds or blue-pink shades. For placement, find your cheekbone. Hold your index finger against the face pointing upward and place it after the iris. That’s how far from your nose blush should be. Now, hold the finger against the face pointing above the nostrils. The place where those two imaginary points meet is your blush target.

Take a small blush brush—or your finger if using a cream blush, and pop the color directly onto the blush target. Keep tapping at the color so that it expands outward like your spreading dough and not up through the cheekbone in an 80's-sweeping-motion. Using blush up there puts redness in an unnatural place and adds to the look of inflammation.

Eyes and Brows

If you’re a brow woman, grab some tinted brow gel and call it a day. Brow gels deposit color for fuller-looking brows while adding volume and holding unruly hair in place. For the eyes, curl the lashes first. Then, using a large fluff brush, dust the upper and lower lids with a soft cream or neutral-toned matte eye shadow. A faint shadow will help avoid creasing and keep things natural-looking. Take a small detailing brush and dip it into a rich chocolate brown eye shadow. Apply it by lightly sweeping it back and forth against the upper and lower lash lines to add volume to the lashes but in a modest way. Lastly, pack on the mascara as needed.


If you use a soft nude lip color that mimics your natural lip color, or a sheer lip product with a slight tint, you will put the perfect finishing touch on a no-makeup makeup look. I love a no-hassle nude like our Dermelect 4-in-1 Smooth Lip Solution in Iconic. It’s the ideal shade for me to throw on as I’m running out the door to keep my lips hydrated, giving my lips some a color-boost and to help me master my no-makeup makeup look!

A supercharged formulation that works as a lipstick, lip stain, lip balm & lip gloss in one.

What are your tips for achieving the ultimate no-makeup makeup look? Let me know in the comments!

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