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Festival Makeup & Beauty Essentials

Festival Makeup & Beauty Essentials

Which festival makeup looks should you be taking to Coachella this year? Packing glitter in your bag is a no-brainer, but the best trick you can pull with your favorite music festival makeup should be this—use the least amount of product on your face while still making the most significant impact. You want to go big without having to pack your purse –or face with too many things to be lugging around through a crowd on a sweltering hot day while trying to dance your heart out.

Here are some festival makeup tricks to take to the desert and beyond to help keep you looking cool when things are getting hot out.


When you could be putting your skin through extreme heat or even extreme partying, prepping your skin with something like RAPID REPAIR Facial Moisturizer before makeup or a festival day could be one of the best decisions you make all weekend. With blue azulene and chamomile, it’s not only great for prepping the skin, but also essential for repairing and calming skin post-party to keep it looking great through day two or three of your festival.

Don’t forget to use a sunscreen of at least a minimum of an SPF 30 before your foundation application.

Focus your primer application through your t-zone and set it with powder before your foundation. Try PORE REVOLUTION & T-Zone Mattifier to sequester unwanted oils, combat unnecessary shine and target clogged pores. Your application will work to ensure that your makeup sets just the way you want and works as the perfect base.  After your makeup is finished, pat another thin layer of primer and powder over the t-zone again. Double setting helps to keep your festival glow from looking oily and lasting longer throughout the day. Use a hydrating setting spray and your foundation will be locked-in.


Bronzer shades can stand in place of contour when they have a burnished base that mimics your skin tone’s version of shadow. Bronzers can also be used as a blush when you focus their blending toward the apples of the cheeks.

Most importantly, make sure you're using a bronzer that matches your undertone. Cool skin tones should use dusty rose shades and peachy pink bronzers. Warmer skin tones can benefit from shades that resemble dusty peaches and bronzed golds. Deeper skin tones pair beautifully with deep mochas or soft, burnished brick red bases.


If you’re wanting a cut crease and a thick cat eye, just be sure it doesn’t melt off in the Gobi tent. Lasting festival eye makeup should be kept light with a clean look in a matte or shimmer finish.

Save some drama, however, with a smudged-out waterproof liner in the shade of your choice. Apply liner to the upper and lower lash lines before pressing along the makeup with a finger or pencil brush to diffuse and blend the line. Go back in again at the lash line with another layer of liner but use even lighter pressure when blending to create a gradient effect that keeps the intensity at the base of the lash line. Use a waterproof mascara.


Since the eyes will have a cleaner look, feel free to let the brows be a little bolder than usual. This will help add some drama to your festival look while also keeping it more polished. Start by softly lining the brows in their desired shape. Avoid harsh lines here as you will be going in with more soft hair strokes on top of them. The goal is to start light and build the brow out to its desired intensity. If you start with too much pressure, you can end up making brows look too harsh and overpowering.

Use either a matte or reflective highlight under the brow to perfect the shape and give the brow a more-polished lift. Try an eyebrow pencil with a thin tip which is perfect for creating hairlike strokes.


Statement lips are an easy festival makeup trick. Together with bolder brows, you can make any light-eyed makeup look pop. Try a rich red or a dramatic Bordeaux or even a bright fuchsia or magenta to absolutely keep your look on point. Another tip is to opt for a lip stain or gloss over a matte lipstick. This way you can have a long-wearing lip look while staying comfortable waiting through two bands that you’re not into just to be center stage when your favorite band is ready to play!

Try Dermelect’s 4-In-1 Smooth Lip Solution in Obsessive that is perfect for rugged days at your favorite music fest. It hydrates and protects like a balm with the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick and the all-day staying power of a stain!

Are you heading to a festival this season? Let us know if you have any festival beauty tips!

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