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Are You Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

Are You Applying Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

From exfoliating masks to daily moisturizers, you invest a lot of time, money and energy into crafting the perfect skincare routine. You cross your fingers that you're investing in the right products for you,  using them in the correct order and determining the frequency of application.

But what if how you’re applying them is actually hampering the benefits of what you’re applying? Behind every skincare routine is an optimal order to make the most out of each step. Here are my tips for improving your skincare products’ performance simply by using the right order.

Understand Your Products!

Many of us have been taught to stack our skincare in the opposite order of our groceries: lightest to heaviest.

However, what many of us don't realize is the optimal time to apply a product might come down to its composition - i.e. applying water-based products before oil-based products. This is because water-based treatments will often dilute products that are oil-based. For example, applying a water-based serum on top of a sunscreen moisturizer will dilute the SPF, decreasing the effectiveness of the product.  

For that reason, the following order of application generally works best:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Tone (if you choose to use one)
  • Serums or treatments (water-based)
  • Serums or treatments (oil based)
  • Moisturize (creams)
  • Sunscreen/SPF (daytime-only)

Create an Exfoliation Schedule.

To brighten your skin, utilize a scrub like MICROFACIAL Exfoliating Masque in your skincare routine after cleansing. Our MICROFACIAL Exfoliating Masque uses Kaolin Clay to help draw out toxins from the skin, while Salicylic Acid gets to work right away in removing debris, dirt, and makeup from your pores.  Your skin type will determine the frequency to which you incorporate exfoliation into your routine. If your skin is on the dry side, it's best to exfoliate once per week. If your skin is more oily, you can enjoy using it two to three times per week. When I use MICROFACIAL, I leave it on for about 6 minutes. Once removed, my skin feels so clean and hydrated! The bonus is that the super ingredient THD Ascorbate, the gold standard of Vitamin C,  leaves my skin appearing beautifully brighter and instantly glowing.

TIP: I find exfoliating in the morning to remove impurities and dead cells, will make your skin look more vibrant throughout the day. However, make sure to put on an SPF of 30 or more since your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight.

Treat your evening skincare routine slightly different to maximize "beauty sleep"!

Along with a glass of wine and last week’s Housewives, the evening is a great time for treating your skin to things that you couldn’t indulge in during the day, like products that contain acids (which act as powerful anti-oxidants and exfoliants for the skin).  Acids can make your skin sun-sensitive, so the evening is the perfect time to indulge in these treatments.

My favorite go-to beauty “nightcap” is our SELF-ESTEEM Beauty Sleep Serum. To use, apply three to four pumps to skin after cleansing, completely covering your complexion from the hairline to the collarbone. Allow the product to absorb completely, then apply moisturizer for a well-rested, glow in the morning. This wonder serum works overnight to target every concern you may have including fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, texture, dullness and skin tone- it literally does it all! And what's best is that you don't even have to wash it off in the morning. All the work is done by the time you wake up. 

Take care of your neck any time, all the time!

How do you create an overall youthful appearance? Follow the same skincare routine past your jawline. From cleansing to sunscreen, make sure you don’t neglect your neck.

Our SELF-ESTEEM Neck Firming Lift can be worn during the day or at night. For best results, apply a quarter-size amount starting at the nape of the neck and massaging into your skin in a downward motion. With a comprehensive blend of natural and lab-derived ingredients, this treatments work to hydrate and streamline the appearance of the delicate skin of the neck, lower jaw, cheeks and chin area. Perfect for all skin types!

By following these tips and staying consistent, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of your beauty investments, all the way to the bottom of the jar!

What is your current skincare routine order? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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